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Monday, March 14, 2005

Close but no "Closer"!

Anyone seen the movie CLOSER?

Would you believe it if I told you that I was supposed to be in it?

In the role that went to Julia. More power to her — she's America's sweetheart. Well-deserved title. Though I wonder if her role in this Mike Nichols film "shocked" her audience.

I don't know. Maybe not.

Now here's the funny thing, or at least the ironic thing.

Ramona, my NEW agent, was reading the papers the other day — not the trade papers — the NY Times — I don't read newspapers because the ink is annoying — anyway — she told me that there was a Times story about how she BLOGS and also (on the same day!) a story about Wil Wheaton (you know him from STAND BY ME and one of the STAR TRACK series) and how he *also* BLOGS.

I said, WHAAA? Because I didn't tell her that *I* BLOGGED yet, and thus we missed the opportunity to have the Times right about my BLOG and thus make it into a trend piece (if you have three things = a trend). So needless to say I said au revoir to Ramona. She didn't seem overly concerned. I thought she'd come crawling back to me but she didn't/was too busy. (I called her the next day and now she's my agent again. I sent her flowers also.)

Anyway the funny or ironic thing here is that Wil and Rosie are actually the other two people who were supposed to be in CLOSER with me. Wil was in the Jude Law role, and Rosie was slated for the Natalie Portman role. I forget who was in the Cliff Owens role — I think it was someone like Paul Geamati. It would have been a great movie.

As is...welllll.....I respect what Mike's done, and it was definitely very watchable, but maybe didn't have quite the impact ours/my version would have.

But like they say, "It's all good."

Peace out



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